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Building your own house or work space requires special attention to innumerable architectural details. A successful building process, also in the case of refurbishment and interior design has to culminate with a sense of belonging, wholeness and tranquility.

"Talking Walls" led by Michelle Adam, specializes in combining architectural planning with internal design and a regard to the important linkage between people and their living or working environment as well as the natural environment. A sensitive eye for shape color and form coupled with 3 dimensional space perceptions, achieves harmonic design with preference to the ideas behind Sustainable Architecture.

"Talking Walls" is a practice which maintains a simple and comprehensible dialog with its clients.

The practice's services include all aspects of architectural planning – a thorough brief of clients' requirements, feasibility check, ideas which are presented by 3D models too, obtaining Planning Permission, Working Drawings and Bill of Quantities on the way to making the right choice of a building contractor and/or sub-contractors and down to Site Inspection during the building process, which is by far the most exciting stage. The practice provides professional advice on all aspects of planning and design and specializes in Green Architecture.


"The Architect is a sort of
a theatrical producer, the man
who plans the setting for our lives"

Steen Eiler Rasmussen in his book
Experiencing Architecture


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