My name is Michelle Adam, and I live, breathe and dream Architecture. I have always believed in the "Green" approach to design, thus my specialization in Green/Sustainable Architecture.

I am a RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) graduate of the Dept of Architecture in the University of Sheffield, where I spent 7 years in the 1980's.

My choice to go into the field of architecture was not obvious to me in my early years as a teenager, although as a child I preferred drawing over other indoor activities.

However, as I began my studies in Sheffield, and became more familiar with this field, I immediately - within several months, fell in love with the magic of this profession and became very clear about my goals.
I graduated in 1989 and obtained an MA degree too.

In Architecture I discovered a way of expressing all my other passions: love of Nature, Aesthetics, Travel and Photography. This, coupled with the unavoidable awareness to spatial details and a deep desire to make the world more beautiful place to live in, couldn't be better fulfilled than through architecture. My childhood friends used to compliment my "good taste"; for me it's an existential need for a feeling of harmony.

It is this feeling of harmony between ourselves and the built environment that surrounds us and between the latter to the natural outdoor environment, which I constantly thrive to create for the people for whom I design.